Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Well am starting to post about as frequently as my SIL!!! I have to pick it up some I guess.

It is New Years Eve today and the E and I went to Wally World to get some stuff that K wanted us to pick up today. We got there at 10:30 this morning and HOLLY HELL there were a lot of cars there! When I saw that I was dreading actually going into the store. We got in, got our stuff, and got out with no problems. WHAT a relief!

I have to work tomorrow morning, so we have no real plans for tonight. I think we will have some dinner and wine and then I will probably be asleep by 9 because I am old and that is what we do. Asleep by 8 or 9 and up by 4:30...........isn't that what grandparents are suppose to do??

Oh well. E just woke up from her nap. She was so funny on the way home when she was starting to fall asleep in her car seat.

Have a great and safe New Years everybody!!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wow!!!! City full of sickos.......

The ENTIRE family is sick with the exception of Rando and myself and E. I am sure it is just a matter of time now before I for sure, get the same shit that everyone else has had. Great. What is really great is that since the birth of our E, I have used pretty much every ounce of sick time that I have available at work. This makes me pretty happy with the thought that I am probably the next one in line for the sick. Also my work only gives us 8 hrs a month for sick time, which is fine if I worked in ANY other office rather than the Sheriff''s office. You see we work 12hr days, so when we get that wonderful 8hrs of sick time every month, we are only getting 3/4 of a day of sick time every month. What this translates into is everyone else in the county gets a full day of sick time a month and we get f**ked. Oh well.

On the up side I sold me very first thing on E.bay the other day!! We sold the old digital camera this week to the tune of $42. Yeah for us!! So I am going to take pics of some other things this week and get them for sale.

I also went bowling today with my new bowling ball that I got for Christmas. It was awesome, but will take some getting used to. I went to Rochester this morning to look for some jeans for myself. I have hip, low rise jeans now (you know....the ones with the rips and holes in them) and one pair of crappy jeans for working around the house. Well I am SICK to death of the "hip" jeans with holes. So I went to Ko.hls today and found 3 pairs of other "hip" jeans that have no holes. They were originally over $45 each pair and I got all 3 for $60!!. Not to bad if I say so myself.

E is now eating so I am going to go and make something for myself. Have a great night, and I hope you feel better S and KT!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy day after Christmas!!

Yesterday I had to work until 6pm in the ol jail. I have to tell you that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Most people were pretty upbeat (staff and crooks) even though we were all in jail on Christmas. I pretty much did nothing and let the guys have a nice easy day for Christmas. I let them out of lockdowns early, let then skip one half hour lockdown to keep watching a movie that I brought, and all was well in the jail yesterday.

K went to the ER yesterday and found out she has the strep throat. Needless to say, our night of Christmas cheer got cut short. We got home last night and pretty much as soon as we walked in the door K and E were in bed. So by 9 on Christmas night I was sitting on the couch, by myself, celebrating Christmas with the cats. Its ok though because I know K needs her sleep to get better, and E was obviously DRAINED after a fun day at grandma and grandpa's house.

Well since I am up at this ridiculous hour, I am going to clean this place up a little before the girls get up. Is 6:30 to early for a beer??


Friday, December 21, 2007

Our christmas card

After many attempts at the "perfect" Christmas picture to use for cards this year, we finally decided to go with one we already had. Not the most traditional pic, but when you pair it with the greeting, it seems to fit!!

I think that says it all! Merry Christmas everyone!


Yet another Friday has snuck up on me

It is now the Friday before Christmas and I can't believe it is that time already!! Where has the year gone? Holy hell my child has grown soooo much this year and has become a little girl instead of just a baby. She had her first visit with Santa yesterday and it went well........or not really. Exhibit A.

I will say that it was awful hard to keep from laughing when I saw the result of this picture last night.

I have already received some presents early and will show you one of them. This is an electric wine bottle opener that my grandma gave me. I have not had the opportunity to try it out yet but I am sure that over the Christmas/New Year's holiday we will be able to give it a whirl.

I know what this might look like (you dirty minded little elves) but this is the wine opener.

My mom also sent us her gifts. We (as a couple) received a family picture that was taken last fall at a professional photography place. The picture turned out really nice, even though I had worked the night before and had not been to sleep in many hours. She also got us a gift card for gasoline! What a GREAT gift! That gift helps the pocket book what with the prices so high, and us owning a mini-van! Both gifts were wonderful and the picture is lookin good on the buffet in the dining room.

E has once again given me a doosie of a cold. Seems like I get over one cold and am find for a week, then I get a new cold that lasts for 2 weeks and really slams me. I just hate feeling like crap. I also have this weird thing about being sick at Christmas time. It seems like every year around Christmas I am sick as a dog. NOT FUN when you have a 19 month old. The last 2 nights I have been in bed and sleeping between 6:45 and 8:00 and have slept the whole night through. I just never do that.

It is now time to take the child to her crib for some night night time. I can't believe she can be tired already, but she is laying on the floor with her blanket and baby, sucking her thumb, and looking up at me like "why the hell aren't you taking me to my bed yet?"


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lazy Tuesday

K took the van today which means even IF I had wanted to go somewhere I can't. I don't like when that happens, but she said she needed it. What we really need is another car seat for my car. Why on earth haven't we purchased 2 seats by now?? Maybe we are insane.

Does anybody out there like the Shrek movies? Anyone? Would you like them if you watched them 40 times a day? Well that is what is going on around this house right now. E likes Shrek so much that when she is awake and not eating she HAS to watch Shrek. It was cute at first, as I was a bit sick of Elmo, Backyard.igans, Little.Eintstiens, Handy Manny, Open Season, and the Doodl.ebops, but damn do we watch Shrek a lot. At least now we are watching the DVD's instead of the TV show we taped the other night. Shrek.the.Halls was funny and I enjoyed it as much as E, but having to fast forward through the commercials is a lot of work. To much paying attention required!!

Last night was the last night of bowling until the 7th of January and this is a good thing. My team has been a bunch of grumps to bowl with lately, and it is getting a bit old. We are currently in 3rd place, but only a couple of games out of 2nd, which I think is pretty good for us. But they come every week and are all grumpy if we only take 5 points on the night. The max we can win is 7 so we do pretty well. To be honest I am hoping that S will ask me to be on his men's league team next year full time so that I don't have to bowl mixed league anymore. The people are nice, but damn if you are not good to begin with, then you should not be upset when you suck during league play!! And really if you are going to suck (which is fine) then we should be there just to have fun, and not constantly giving me shit because I am only bowling my average every game when you continue to suck and bowl 20 pins under yours.

I really do like my teamates, but DAMN why do they have to be so pissy every week?

I think I have ranted enough now and should probably play with E instead of letting Uncle Shrek entertain her more than he does already.


Monday, December 17, 2007

New camera fun

Just some pics from the new camera. E is waking up so no time to post anything with more length.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Well that was short lived.

Just as quick as it started, it has now ended. The puppy experiment did not go so well. In the 48hrs that we had him he shit 7 times which is good. What is not good is that 6 of those times were in our house. Not only did he shit in our house, he also stepped in it and mashed it all over his paws, body, floor, walls, blankets, bed, toys, and kennel. This means 6 times in 48hrs K and I had to give this little dog a bath. I know that he is a puppy and puppies shit, but damn I have never been around one that continually shit himself and got it all over. So between that and the fact that E absolutely is scared to death of dogs we decided to give him back to the people who K got him from.

It was hard, especially on K, but I think that we made the right decision. We got our money back and K cried when we dropped him off. I, in the back of my mind, must have thought that it was not going to work out because I really did not get attached to little dog. ARGGG I do wish it would have worked.............

So instead of a dog we went shopping today and this is what my new Christmas present looks like. It is a wonderful camera that takes crisp, fast pics. Not quite as cute as the dog, but it won't shit in our house either.

I guess that is all for now. Tomorrow is the last week of bowling until after the new year. Hopefully it goes well like it has for the last few weeks. Nothing spectacular, but solid performances that are all above my average.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas to ME!!!

Well today K gave me my Christmas gift. Any guesses? Yes mom, it is what you dreaded. She got me this......

HOW CUTE IS THIS DAMN THING?!?!?!?! Well our first attempt at a dog was a disaster. He was big, and always alone, and was hard for K to handle. His name was Ollie and he was a yellow lab. I loved this dog to death and was heartbroken for months when we gave him away. At the time we were flat out not ready for a dog and all the responsibility that goes with. This is our new Beagle pup. We are going to give it another try and hopefully have learned from the first dog. We are having a hard time picking a name so I think that I am going to take a vote on the ol blog. The names on the poll are:

1. Ace

2. Bojangles

3. Fez

4. Moose

5. Bear

6. Miles

Please let us know what you think and help us pick a name!!

And now for a couple more pics:

So please vote and we will check to see the tally on Sunday night. Then we will let you know what we choose!! THANKS K, you are indeed a wonderful wife.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rotten Eggs and Propane

Last night I was heading to my city council meeting for December when K came out the back door as I was starting to leave. She motioned for me to come back into the house, which I did. When I got inside she asked me if I thought it smelled like rotten eggs. I said it definitely smelled bad but I didn't know if it smelled like rotten eggs. Well she then says "doesn't natural gas have the rotten egg smell added to it so you know if you have a leak?" I said yes, but we don't have natural gas, we have propane, which was not the smell that was in the house. Well she did not believe this and was worried, and that was ok.

While I stood outside and called 911 where my SIL works, K went next door to the neighbor's house. My SIL gave me the number to the fire chief and I called him to see what he had to say. I was told that it probably was sewer gas and that if the smell was that bad, it would not be propane filling the house. You see, the basement smelled the worst, so bad that it was almost overwhelming. Funny thing was the pilot light on the water heater was still going and the furnace pilot was also still on. So I also thought that if it was in fact propane that was filling the house we probably would have blown up by this point. I decided to go to city council and told K that it was ok to come back home. This did not make her happy though.

Long story short she called our furnace guy to come over and check things out. By the time he left we determined that there was no gas leak and that the smell was in fact sewer gas. I thought that this was the case the whole time, but if K has the piece of mind that she needed by calling the furnace guy, then the $40 was well worth it!

So when we went to bed last night most of the egg smell was gone and by this AM you could not smell it at all.

Thank god our house did not blow up!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007 blog is starting to look like my SIL's

J/K KT!!!! Sort of.

I have not posted again for a few days, but there has not been much going on. I am definitely back on the "days" sleep schedule as I am in bed and sleeping most nights now by 8:30-9. So I get home, eat dinner, play with E for a bit, then head to bed. Exciting I know.

K and I are going shopping this Sunday and it should be fun. I am looking forward to the time alone with the wife. We don't get much time EVER by our selves, so I do love the times when we get to break away for a while. I can't remember the last time we were able to walk through Barns and noble (I know I misspelled the name) in peace and quiet. This time we might actually be able to LOOK for a book while we are in the store. I would let E tear around the kids section there if I knew she wouldn't wreck some of the books she looks at.

K told me last weekend that she picked out my christmas present and that I had to wait until christmas day to get it. Then she proceeds to tell me that she doesn't know if she can keep it a secret until christmas, and she really wants to tell me. Then she won't tell me. Which is fine, and I am not thinking about it much, but she keeps talking about the dang thing! How am I suppose to not want to know what it is if she keeps talking about it?

S, I will call you today or tomorrow when you are off and let you know how to post a Utube video. We going to do any bowlin during the christmas break from league? I think I should so I can get used to the ball before leagues start again in January.

Well that is about it for now. E and I are watching Shrek the Halls for about the 3000th time in the last week. She just loves Shrek lately and I think it is time to get the whole movie.

P.S. J, if YOU are reading this.........teasing is not nice!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Where has the time gone?

So I guess it has been a full 6 days since I posted last. I have totally had no ambition to post this last week. We went back to days last weekend, and I promptly got sick and lost my voice over Saturday and Sunday. I have felt like poo all week and I think I am just starting to get over the crud that hit me. Why is it when you get the FLU shot it seems that you get more colds than when you don't get the shot? Last year I did not get it and there were no colds......ok well maybe a couple. But I mean DAMN, this is getting ridiculous. It seems like we get rid of one cold and a week later I am right back to feeling like crap. Oh well, on we trudge.

The christmas season is heating up, and I am excited for the most part. I have to work so that makes things difficult. We will see how everything turns out.

E and I are home today while K is at work. We then have the whole weekend together. Tomorrow night we are going to a friends house for some games and christmas cheer. Of course when I say christmas cheer I really mean wine.....yummy, yummy wine.

E has now made a HUGE mess with catsup and chix nuggets I gave her for lunch so I guess I will go clean the little one.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

White Christmas

One more thing. This is probably my most favorite christmas CD of all time. It is by Bing and is very old school.

And here is just one of the wonderfull songs from the CD.

OH have such a smooth, sultry voice!!



Happy 1st of December!!

Can anyone guess what time it is?? 2:33 in the F**KING morning. I am still on the overnight sleep schedule I guess and I have to say it sucks. IT sucks of course because I now have to be to work at 6am and 4 hours of sleep a night will just not cut it.

We are suppose to get a shit pot of snow over the next couple of days and I have to work. I am not looking forward to the snow as I really do hate it. I will take zub zero temps any day of the week over snow. I hate the mess it creates on the roads, I hate the clean up afterwards, and I hate how it can immobilize entire counties in a matter of a couple hours. I do like how my christmas lights look outside after a fresh snow, however! I think it is nice to have a couple of inches on the ground right before christmas so it is a nice white christmas, but after that the shit can just go away.

Yesterday was my first shift of days, and it was wonderful. It went smooth even though we were busy, and I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. When we are on nights the weekends are always the busiest time of the week. On the weekends, however, the weekends are when the crooks sleep all day and we as staff get to sluff off and watch football on Sundays!!

Christmas is right around the corner and I can't wait for it this year. Well, mostly I can't wait to see how E reacts to it this year now that she is older and kinda knows whats going on. Maybe I am a scrooge, but a lot of the other crap that goes on during this time of year annoys me. Especially the bell ringers. I fully support what they do, but damn are they annoying. Not as people but what they do is what is annoying. RING A LING, RING A LING, RING A LING, RING A LING non stop for a whole damn month now. I am happy and willing (which will probably surprise K) to donate to a good cause during christmas, I just don't want to do it out front of Walma.rt.

With all of that being said, I do love seeing the lights and the overall good mood that most people are in at this time of year. I like seeing store fronts decorated, and I do love the scents that come from all over during christmas time. LOTS of nice smells........Mmmmmm. OH, and wine. Lots of good wine drinking to be done during the holidays!

Hope everybody has a nice weekend and I will probably post again on Monday.