Sunday, September 30, 2007

I hate the wind....but I really hate the VIKINGS!!!!!

It is 11:04 pm and I am sitting in bed with K. I was tired and did not feel good so I came upstairs around 7:30 and quickly fell asleep. I was then startled awake by some big thunder and lightning strikes that sounded really close. I assumed that it must have been early in the morning on Monday morning and that it was weird that K was still not upstairs. I rolled over, picked up my cell, and saw something that made me go WHAAAAAA???? Lo and behold it was only 10:24..............SHIT!! Now I am wide awake and probably will be for most of the night because of the schedule I am on.........DAMMIT. So the K is laying in bed reading and I am on the ol laptop, and she rolls over and pulls the covers up and says "I hate the wind". When I sleep I have to have a fan running or I sleep like hell. It is not only the noise it creates, but even since I was a little kid I have loved to have a fan blowing directly on my face. I don't know why this is what I like but it has driven my grandma crazy for years that I sleep with a fan on (even when it is below zero outside during the winter) and now K is subjected to the old fan.

On PBS there has been this documentary on called "The War" which is about WWII. I am a huge WWII buff and watch everything that comes on the ol boob tube that is about the big war in 1944-45. I have TIVO'd every episode so far and it is great. They focus on people that went to fight in the war and those who were still here in the US and had to worry/deal with loved ones going to Europe and the Pacific. Very eye opening and it really makes you think about how the the US people really supported our soldiers back then without question. It is so different now, so political. I don't usually voice my opinion about things like our latest war, mostly because it is a very controversial thing and I want to make this blog fun. However, it really bugs me when people are against the war (and I am talking about the ones that give the rest a bad rap) then in the next breath say that they support the troops. These people that I speak of are the ones that you see on TV at anti-war protests and turn rowdy and violent and have to be delt with by the police. These people give the rest of you that do not support the war a bad rap and are usually the ones who talk about still supporting the troops. My wife, I believe, does not support the war but at least she can talk about it and not get so upset that she has to become aggressive to show people how she feels about what is going on in this county these days. People like her are the ones I like discussing the current state of our country with.

WOW that part of the post got off on a different tangent.

Here is a pic of my new phone.

Try not to pee yourselves with excitement and jealousy. Ok well I know that this phone is not the best and does not have the most features of all the phones out there but you have to understand that I am used to having phones that are about 3 years behind the times. While this new phone is not the Apple iphone, I also do not like having to pay hundreds of dollars a month for a cell plan with all the program fees to be able to use the iphone. This Samsung is my little slice of heaven. I can finally do things like have a picture come up when someone calls me. I also now have a camera phone.......with a flash!

Today was another rainy day and we hung out inside. I watched the Packers bitch slap the Vikings all over the field today. K asked me at one point if #4, Brett Favre was the best quarterback ever (I think she was trying to give some crap) and I told her no, but he was pretty darn good. Today #4 broke the all time touchdown record for quarterbacks with a final tally at the end of the game at 422. He also broke the record for most pass attempts buy a quarterback at 8000 something. There are other good quarterbacks out there, but none that have meant so much to there teams for the past 15 seasons. Payton and Tom have along way to go to break the records #4 is putting up. With the way free agency is these days who knows how long these guys will stay with there teams. While I am not one of those people who have a shitty day if there football team loses, and I do not care one way or another about how the Packers do this season, I did grow up in Wisconsin so I can say with confidence..............the Vikings still SUCK!!!!

On a different note tomorrow is another week of bowling and we have to bowl against the team we are tied with for 1st place. We, as a team, have decided to wear purple as a team color this week and I cannot find any purple, plain t-shirts. The only ones I find are Vikings shirts and I would rather be kicked in the balls than wear a Vikings tshirt. Refer back to above statement.

It is now 11:44 and I am now wide awake.......still. Maybe I will watch some Desperate Housewives and some Brothers and Sisters.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Can somebody PLEASE give me a beer?!?!?!

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to be wrong? This morning was that day for me. I am not sure why or what made it go this way, but that is how it ended up. E was mega cranky and nothing made her happy either. We are thinking that she must be getting teeth again. Then I was a complete prick to K for really no reason at all. It felt like she and E were trying to annoy me. I know they weren't and I felt really bad on the ride into town to meet my mom and aunt for lunch.

Then on the ride in I was talking to one of my friends about the duck killing he did this morning (it was duck and goose season opener this weekend) and my cell slipped from my hands. I caught it but in that motion I hit the phone on the steering wheel and snapped the top half of the flip off. Yup the phone was instantly ruined.

So we met up at Fiesta, a local mexican restaurant, and had some good food. E and K then left to go to a baby shower for one of K's friends and I went over to the phone place. Now we have a 2yr contract and still had one year left so I thought I was screwed on getting a new phone at an affordable price. Turns out that because our cell company was just bought out by a different one, the new company was offering to let us pay $50 and sign one of there contracts and then I could get a new phone. WELL F**KING RIGHT DOGGIE!!! I ended up with a phone that without the rebate and the sale price would have cost me $210, and after the rebate it will only cost us $9!

So that is all the news from this side of life. It is a rain filled weekend so far so that means sitting on the couch and just relaxing. Yippie for us!


P.S. I did apologize to K and she graciously still loves me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another day of work.

My mom came yesterday evening and she got here in time to see E before it was E's bedtime. I was happy that she got here to see E for a bit last night. This morning, after another night of not much sleep, I came downstairs and got E her breakfast and showed mom the routine so that she would know. Then after we said bye to K we went into the living room so that E could watch Back.yardigans and play. It wasn't long after K left that I asked mom if she would be ok with E while I laid down for a bit, and she said yes. Now it was my full intention to be up by around 11am so that I could help mom with lunch. This did not happen. When I finally came down stairs it was a little after 2 and E had been asleep for about an hour and a half. Thank goodness for grandma!!

I think that it will be nice to have mom here for a few more days, so that she can spend time with the E. We are talking about going to the apple orchard on Saturday with mom so that we can get some more pics and also some apples.

Now I can hear that E is awake from her nap so I will let grandma continue to snore on the couch and go get the little one.

Yippie for Wednesday, since this is my off weekend and we have no plans.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh bowling

Last night did not go as well as I had hoped. It started bad, the second game was great, and the third game went right back into the shitter. Frustrating but not as much as golf is.

So nights screw with your schedule so bad that I was up until about 2:30 in the morning and was then up by 7 so that I could feed the E. With my mom coming today, the lack of sleep makes for a long day of cleaning and getting ready for her stay.

E is laying down now so I better go and get some cleaning done whilst I have the time to do it.

No pictures from last night but next week we will get some.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Did I mention its bowling night??

Yet again another night of bowling is upon us. The first week was ok, last week was a whole bunch better, and this week should be better as well. I am hoping that I can maybe get a new ball sometime in the next couple months. And this is the ball I want. Its the Ebonite Total NV, and it would kick ass to have.

Yes I know that most people who read my blog could care less or know why I would love to have this ball but trust me when I say that it is a great ball.

In other news, in a little over a month I am going to see my favorite comedian, Rodney Carrington. Do any of you know Rodney?? Well he is a bit crass but he is damn funny. He is coming to our local casino at the end of October and I am going with some guys from work and the local PD. AWESOME!!!

Not much excitment this weekend as I had to work all weekend.

My mom is coming on Tuesday night and she is staying through the weekend. She is here to help us with daycare since we no longer have a daycare lady. It should be fun for her and us and E, as we don't get to see her very often.

Well I am sure that I will have more to post by this afternoon or for sure tomorrow. Maybe I will get some pics of my bowling team tonight and let you all see the fun we have.

Try and hold in your excitment!


Friday, September 21, 2007


Ok so today has been not so fun. On top of needing to get some sleep in order to stay up all night and work, I have now come down with the crap that others have so graciously passed on. That is right I have the sore throat, stuffed nose, constant phlegm, and a child that is now into only taking one nap a day. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

ME: Listen to me very carefully E, daddy needs sleepy. If he does not get sleepy he may just have to kill someone at work tonight.

E: blabber, blabber, toddler talk, blabber, moe moe, blabber, and ball. (and then this face)

ME: Very nice E but this is not a laughing matter.

E: Blabber, blabber, ball, mae mae (what she calls any cat she sees), blabber, blabber, wow, jump, poo poo, and na na.

She just doesn't get it. So then I decided to smear spaghetti on her face.

And then, just for good measure, cover her face and nose with some cheer.ios.

HA TAKE THAT 16 MONTH OLD!!! I guess I showed her who was boss!

OH OK, these pics are not from today, nor did I do either one of these things to her. The conversation was real however. Isn't it amazing the things that we say to our kids. Then I let her watch some porn and drink a beer (also didn't happen).

I have had the question asked where do we get E's clothes from and the answer is this. First K is a mastermind when it comes to finding name brand clothes (such as G.A.P. kids, child.rens Place, Gym.boree and others like this) with tags still on them at garage sales. Second E has a very loving grandma who buys lots of stuff from Macy.s for her ( like the dress in the picture below), third she also has a wonderful aunt KT that also finds great clothes at various stores and garage sales. E has also received a lot of cute stuff from my mom and grandma but I do not know where they get those things from.

Well the hellion is awake and I must bathe her before getting ready to go to work and meet K at Target.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

New(ish) Fridge

Today was the day that our new to us fridge got dropped off at the house. KT and S bought a new fridge a week ago and so we bought their old one since OUR old one was set at 9 for a temp and left us with luke warm food and drink. This new fridge is HUGE compared to our old one. It is a side by side and it is wonderful. So we went to good ol walmart tonight and filled it up.

We bought a ton of food, mostly food that is good for us, and came home and filled that baby up. K had tried some "ka.shi" oatmeal last week and she loved it. So tonight she bought a whole buttload of it. From frozen meals to oatmeal to granola bars (which are dry and taste like rotten ass) and hopefully the rest of it will taste better.

I also bought a new door handle for our kitchen closet door and put that in tonight. We had taken the door off because the old handle had broke and ol Greg here was just to lazy to replace it. Also I did not think that I was handy enough to actually do it right. But ALAS I succeeded and we now have a kitchen closet door again!!

Over the last 2 nights at home with E, I have come to realize she is a bit of a food whore. She could be stuffed to the gills with her own dinner, so full in fact that her belly is hard as a rock. Then K or I make our own dinner and bring it to the couch to eat and this is what we see.

And what we hear is "MOE MOE" which is what E says when she wants more. The girl is so damn cute that you can't say no.........and she won't stop bothering you for food until you shove some in that gaping hole so that it actually closes.

Then after we give her about a quarter of our meal and we finish the rest, this is what we see.

With a face like that how can you say no???? Man I love this little thing that has created so much joy and terror to our lives!!

Well I must go and shower before bed because I smell like toothless bum right now. I have never actually smelled a toothless bum but I would imagine it would be much like what I smell like right now. Gross.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sicky McSickerton

Well the boss is soooo sick that she has stayed home from work for a second day in a row. Anyone who knows my wife knows that she is not the type to stay home if she absolutely does not have to. She is just sick, sick, sick. So I went to pick up E from our friends house in RW and while there I called work and told the Sergeant that I would not be in tonight because I could not let K take care of E all alone while she feels as bad as she does. Amazingly my feelings are not hurt even a little bit that I am not going to work tonight. This leads me to my list of things that I would rather have happen than work overnights. Keep in mind that if I were single or we did not have little E in our lives, or if I was happy not having a life and always being tired, nights would not be so horrible. And now for the list.


1. A root canal

2. An anal probe done by aliens.

3. An anal probe done by prison inmates.

4. A kick in the giggle berries.

5. A poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

6. Having diarrhea for 48hrs strait.

7. Being made to lick a public restroom toilet.

8. A kick in the giggle berries.

9. Eating poop.

10. Have I mentioned a kick in the giggle berries??

Ok so some of these may be a bit extreme and I really wouldn't want any of these but I really, REALLY hate working overnights. Damn you overnights. O I long for the day when I have enough seniority in the jail to get on the "Power Shift" crew so I can work days and be home with my family.

On a more upbeat note here is a picture of my cute E in her dress she wore to the wedding and of E at the apple orchard yesterday.


Monday, September 17, 2007

White Weddings

This weekend we went to St. Cloud for K's cousins wedding. We had lots of fun and it all started on Friday night. We arrived around 4pm, checked in, and then headed down to the Green Mill to meet some of the wedding party for some drinks. After a while the wedding party had to go to the church for rehearsal and then we all met at a pizza place for the groom's dinner. We had wine and pizza and beer and lots of fun. After dinner we took E back to the hotel so grandma and grandpa could watch her so that mom and dad could have a fun night out. We started out at a place called M.C. something or anothers and there was a whole bunch of people there drinking what looked like a delicious house drink called the hairy buffalo. Our friend T ordered one and then we all tried it. IT WAS AWFUL!!! So K had some long island ice teas and I of course had beer. After a while it was off to a place called the Red Carpet for dancing and more drinks. Lots of fun was had and we were home around 12:30.

On Saturday we were up and at the wedding by 1:15 in the afternoon. At the start of the wedding E was great and loved looking at all the girls in their dresses, especially the bride. Then she decided that she had seen enough and started making a ruckus. I took her out to the back of the church so that we didn't disrupt the ceremony. Once we went out back E wanted to go outside and so we did. She played and ran around until the end of the wedding. We missed the whole dang wedding but everybody did love our little E in her dress and smiling and having fun with other little kids.

Then came the reception and fun was had. Beer was flowing to the tune of 7-8 kegs during the whole reception which started at 5:30 and ended at 11pm. K's cousin married a cop that used to work where we live so there were a lot of people that I know at the wedding and this crowd was a party group. Things wrapped up and it was a good night.

When we came home yesterday I was feeling like hell and I thought it was just the booze. I went to work and it turns out that it was not just the booze as K's sister, K, and K's dad also were sick. K went to the doc today and turns out she has a sinus infection and an ear infection. I talked to a couple other people and those two things are going around.

I think that this is going to end the post for today. I am still not feeling a 100% and I have to decide if I should go to bowling and work tonight.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And bowl I did!

Last night was the first night of bowling and it was a bit challenging. The lanes were extremely oily and it was tough to find the right line. But when I did things worked out ok. I did not bowl great but it wasn't bad. 153 (no good), 167 (getting better), and 179 (almost there). A normal game for me is between 185-220 so I have some work to do, but it is just the beginning of the season.

This last weekend it was hot and humid and we have quickly come to the realization that our refrigerator is a huge pile of crap. The seal on the door no longer seals very well and this is not a huge problem. What is a huge problem is that the fridge is now turned down to number 9 (which is the coldest setting on the fridge) and still it is not cold inside. It is just cold enough to not ruin everything inside, but warm enough to make so we drink luke warm water and pop and milk(yuck). So thank god KT and S need (want) a new fridge to complete their remodeled kitchen because now that means we get to buy their old one! It is not new but it is much much newer than ours, OH and it STILL WORKS!!!! Thanks KT and S!

A cold front moved through the on Sunday night and it has cooled down quite a bit and it is starting to feel like fall. Fall is by far my most favorite time of year, if I could find a place to live that was between 45 and 70 degrees year round with no humidity I would move there in a heart beat! I love when it is cold enough to to wear jeans and a sweatshirt.

I think that is about all for now. E just laid down for a nap and this is my opportunity to get some stuff done.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Damn comments not posting.

First of all I want to know if I am completely retarded or what? I try to comment (using my blog name so you know me) and every time I try it never posts. I am out of ideas. I was going to post on my wife's blog, Cakerwakers, and Sugar and Ice's blogs but every time I type something nice and witty it never posts.........DAMN YOU COMMENTS!!

Well OK then I feel better. OH and by the way Chas, I also feel better already and I was also told that it would take a couple weeks. I can't explain how I feel better but like you said, just more even. They put me on Lex.apro and it seems to be working OK.

We start nights again tonight at work and for the next 3 months I will miss hanging out with K and miss E. I hate, hate, hate nights now that I have a family and I feel like I miss so much of E growing up during this time. I can only hope that November 30th comes as quick as Sept 7th did. The 30th is when we go back to days.

I also start bowling league this week. I have been bowling for a long time now and had not been able to find a team to bowl with since moving to RW. Then I started working with this guy (who now has quit and works for the RWPD) and he said that his team needed a sub for last year. Well I guess I must have made a good impression last season because this year I am a full time member of the team and I have been told that I will also be the anchor. Usually the anchor bowls last because they are the best bowler on the team. Not to toot my own horn but in this case it is true. We definitely won't win the league but hey we are just there to have fun!!

I do believe I hear the little hellian is awake from her nap. NOT a very long one I might add.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

A new day

Well I went to the doc yesterday and I think things went well. We talked for a while and in the end he gave me some sample pills to try and I am hopeful that they are going to help. Today is day #2 of the pills and I am not noticing a difference yet but I know it is early. The doc said that it will take a week or 2 to get the desired result so we will see how that goes.

The calf problem that I had while running the other day seems to have gone away. I took a couple days off and then went running last Sunday. It felt good and seems to have healed itself. So I was all excited to run this week and get back into it, then the weather turned to 90's and really humid. I decided that for my own health that I would not run in those temps. So I will run tomorrow before I go to work and then run this weekend in the morning before I come home.

It has been a nice couple of days off with E and she has been damn funny. I have just had tons of laughs with her and it is great to be able to spend this time with her. K is having a ton of emotion over not being able to be a stay at home mom and she thinks she may have found a way to do it. She wants to clean houses on the days I have off during the week, which actually sounds like it could work out if she gets enough houses to clean. She needs about 13-15 houses to clean per month to make the money we need for her to quit her job with the county. I hope she can do this cause I know it will make her very happy. And we all no if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy!!

I think that is about all for now. I must go give E a late lunch seeing as how she didn't take a nap until 11 this morning. Take care.