Thursday, July 23, 2009

For my wife and FOF

What is this????? An Update?????? Ok Ok, so I am horrible at blogging. I have said it before and I really do mean it when I say it, I AM BAD at this.

So what is new with me you ask? Well not much actually. I am still working out and trying to get less fat. It is going ok but Dt. Pepsi and Miller Lite sneak their way into my mouth a little to frequently still. They are just so good, and it is summer, and DAMNIT why is beer so good........

Anyways, the wife is for sure prego and with a little over a month left I am pretty sure she would pay any price that was quoted to get this baby out of her. She is uncomfortable a lot and is ready to be done. I am scared as hell to add a second, but also very excited to meet little Brody. I often wonder how in the hell I am going to care for 2 kids at once when the Mrs. is out shopping or whatever by herself and I have to care for both at the same time with no help. I am sure I will make it work but I am nervous.

Kris and I have been talking and I have gotten the green light to look for cop jobs outside of the state of MN. That is pretty exciting and scary as well. So I am now spending the day today and here on out looking at places to apply. Maybe I will get interviews, maybe I won't but I guess I will never know what could be unless I try.

So that is what I know. I can't promise to blog every day, but I will try to get better!


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