Monday, May 18, 2009

Whats This??? An actual post?

Well friends, the time has come when I am finally interested in blogging again.  I realize that I may have lost some of you as readers, but hopefully you will come back to the badge.

A couple or 3 years ago I started this blog as a way to relieve stress, and have someplace to put my thoughts.  I went strong for quite a while, but then I became tired of posting, and writing, and with the whole concept in general.  So I stopped.  Then on March 10th of this year I watched one of my co workers pass away while we were at work.  This did not help me want anything to do with blogging.

This was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with.  He was a good man, with a big heart and a booming personality.  He was, however, very over weight and liked to drink a lot.  He was 51 when he passed and this experience gave me the final kick in the butt that I needed to make a change in my life and get healthy.

I was on a roll for 5 weeks with working out.  Most weeks I would go 5 days a week.  But through it all, I was still having a tough time dealing with his death.  So I took an almost 3 week break and started drinking almost every night.  Not good.

Then this last week I got is some trouble at work that provided me with 5 days off with no pay.  And while I should be upset and feeling down about this, I actually feel good.  This discipline has put my life and my job stress in perspective.  It made me see why my co-worker that died lived his life to the fullest.  Granted, he was not in our facility as a career because it was just a job to him.  But what I have learned is that when some people are against you, you will never win or excel.  And now that I have been enlightened to this little fact, I am totally at peace with going to work, doing my job, being seen and not heard, and then going home to my family.  Suddenly a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the work stress is gone.

I have a friend that is 43 and started working out at the end of January this year.  He was the same size I am now and works out 6 days a week.  While I may work up to this someday, right now I am happy working out just 4 days.  He has gone from a 47" waist (like me) to a 36".  That is not pant size, but rather the measurement around the middle of the stomach, right over the love handles, and around to the back.  He has inspired me to really make an effort to work out and be consistent with it.  He is helping me to eat better, loose weight, and look the best I can.  Unfortunately, he is also trying to get me to participate in a bodybuilding contest.  

I am fighting him on this.

I just cannot picture myself walking on a stage, in a banana hammock, and posing in front of 300 people.  Nope, it is just not for me.

I do want to lose weight, be healthy, and gain muscle.  Lots and lots of muscle.

So I have decided to post the ugly facts on this blog.  For all to see.  

I want to track my progress and look back in a year from now and say "damn.....I have come a long way....I was a fat ass!!"  And so without any further delay, here are the ugly truths with a couple of BEFORE pics.

Weight: 255lbs
Waist:  49"
Chest: 49" (not to bad, except it is mostly man boob)
Arms:  17"

And there I am in all my glorious fatness.  

So this is what has been going on with me.  I am looking forward to getting back into the blogger swing of things, and catching up with all of you.  

More to come.



The Father of Five said...

SO glad you are back Greg!

I am sorry to hear about how your friend passing has affected you... That's truly a bummer.

I am in a similar situation, in that as a "civilian" employee at a police department, I have no where to move up. I am in a dead end job (albeit, one that I enjoy). I learned many years (kids) ago that my life has to be about home and family and not work. I put my LIFE into work for the first five years. What do I have to show for it? I barley remember the first few years of most of my children's lives.. No good there.

somewhere around year five - I made that decision.. (more like transitioned into it) - when you realize that folks you looked up to as the best of the best who have left for greener pastures, and how quickly the memory of what they did (and what the sacrificed to do what they did) for the department faded, I started to ask WHY?

I go to work every day (for the most part happy, and liking my job) - but I am there for my eight ten or twelve hours - then I leave. I leave 99% of work at work. My personal life has become so much better for it (and honestly, I think my work benefits too). There is always someone willing too fill the shoes of being the over-achiever... and in my case - I was HAPPY to hand that over...


I too struggle with size.. I am EASILY 100-120 lbs heavier than when I started dispatching.

I could blame dispatching, but I have to accept some of the blame for not eating as healthy as I could. I am an infrequent drinker, and smoke an occasional cigar, but it's more about eating and sedentary lifestyle.

Not to add pressure on you (think of it as inspiration) - but I'll be watching your progress closely to look for some "inspiration" of my own! I have a similar measurements - but I am a bit taller and heavier... 6'4 or 6'5 and close to 300 lbs.

Best of luck, and GLAD to see you back in the blogging world again!


The Father of Five said...

Oh yeah... I forgot to share my work mantra with you....

"Under the radar"

When things get crazy at work (and they are right now) - I shut my mouth, do my job, and chant "Under the radar" over and over to myself.

It works!! Try it!!

Christy said...

Welcome back buddy! I can't wait to hear more.

I think we all struggle with weight. But working-out four nights per week is AWESOME. I work out zero nights per week. Unless baking cookies is considered working out.

Amanda said...

It's great to have you back!
Good Luck with your weight loss ~ you can it! I have recently lost 52 lbs. If i can do that anyone can!!

I'm sorry about the tough time you have been going through with work etc..Sounds like you are coming back on track now.

Congrats on your boy!

OhCaptain said...

Welcome back!

AM said...

I am glad you are back to blogging! And I think I have to point out that the best "before" pictures are with the shirt off. Just sayin. You dont have to post them now, but take them to share later!